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Man sees huge beaver stuck in mud, then realises it’s something totally different

man standing in pond and holding towel dog-sad
© Jim Passmore - Facebook

Sometimes, people are just in the right place at the right time. This was definitely the case 4 years ago when Jim Passmore was taking a walk in the forest.

By Justine Seraphin

Published on the 04/07/2021, 18:00, Updated on the 09/07/2021, 09:34

Jim Passmore was enjoying a lovely afternoon walk in a small town in Oklahoma when he spotted something strange from the corner of his eye.

It looked to him as if it might be a big beaver. The animal seemed to be in some discomfort, thrashing around as if stuck in the mud.


Rescue operation

Jim decided to get a little closer to see what was going on, and that’s when he realised the “beaver” wasn’t a beaver at all. It was a dog! Jim could see the animal was stuck and desperately needed help. He immediately called the police who rushed to the site. Passers-by stopped and helped as well.

The dog was overweight, so it was hard to lift him up. Plus, the poor animal was nervous and bit in fear of the strangers who were trying to help him. The rescue crew decided to place a towel over the dog’s head to calm him down, and tied a rope around his body so they could pull him out more easily. After several minutes of struggle, they were finally able to release the dog from his muddy trap. 

A change of fate

After seeing the dog’s injuries, the police concluded that he had probably been hit by a car and had somehow rolled down to the muddy pond. The dog, who they named “Teddy”, was immediately driven to the vet’s, who started treating his wounds. Unfortunately, no one came forward to claim the dog. Teddy was at risk of euthanasia.

But it seems fate had different plans for Teddy. The director of the animal hospital fell in love with him and decided to give him a forever home. So Teddy got the best happy ending!