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Husky runs to bin bag: Owner gets closer and realises she needs to act fast

two-bin-bags-next-to-park-bench dog-cat-angry
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It’s always sad when a pet is relinquished by their owner. But it’s even harder to accept such an act when the helpless pet is abandoned neglectfully.

By Justine Seraphin

Published on the 01/07/2021, 18:00

Over the weekend, Koda the Husky and her mum were taking an early morning walk in the park near a no-kill cat rescue.

Suddenly, Koda ran to the rescue’s donation bench and started sniffing a discarded bin bag intently.


A grim discovery

Because her dog was so focused on the bag, Koda’s mum knew something wasn’t right. She got a little closer and started to unwrap it to reveal what was inside. What she found shocked her to her very core.

Inside the bin bag was a closed cooler. And inside the cooler was a little black cat. The poor animal was panting heavily from the heat. Thank goodness she was found in time. Koda’s mum immediately contacted the rescue, who quickly sent staff members over to help the little cat.

Black cat up for adoption

Named Juliane, the cat is now recovering from her ordeal and doing well. Despite what she’s been through, rescue staff say she’s super loving and loves getting strokes and cuddles. She will soon be available for adoption. 

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They say cats and dogs are eternal enemies, but if it wasn’t for Koda, who knows how much longer Juliane would’ve survived…that Husky is truly a hero!