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Shelter volunteer sees abandoned cat carrier: What he finds inside revolts him

abandoned-cat-carrier dog-angry

Unfortunately, shelter staff members are used to seeing people who want to relinquish their pets. But some stories are more heart-breaking than others.

By Justine Seraphin

Published on the 03/07/2021, 21:00, Updated on the 09/07/2021, 09:23

Around a week ago, a volunteer was headed to the shelter to check on its residents. The shelter was closed to the public on that day, and no-one had been in since the day before.

As he approached the shelter, the volunteer heard noises coming from the front of the building. Curious, he went to investigate.

Mysterious cat carrier

At the front of the shelter, the volunteer discovered a cat carrier. But inside, it wasn’t a cat he found. It was a little dog. The poor thing was crammed inside the tiny cage, shivering with fear and cold. He had no food and no water.

Furious, the shelter posted pictures on their social media, saying the way this animal had been treated was completely inhumane. They reminded their followers that if they needed to rehome an animal, they should call the shelter beforehand so someone could be there to take proper care of their pet upon arrival. There is no reason to leave a helpless animal to fend for itself.

Jack Russell for adoption

Thankfully, the little Jack Russell is now in good hands. The vet has given him a clean bill of health, so hopefully, it won’t be long until he’s adopted into a forever home.

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