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After hearing about Husky’s tragic story, couple makes poignant decision

siberian-husky-laying-on-concrete-floor dog-wow

Sometimes getting a dog isn’t a decision you make with your head, but rather with your heart. This is exactly what happened for Christine and Steve Arnott.

By Justine Seraphin

Published on the 04/07/2021, 21:00, Updated on the 12/07/2021, 08:57

A couple of years ago, Christine and Steve Arnott, a couple from Scotland, were scrolling through a website which showed adoptable dogs from China’s meat trade.

They came upon Deena’s profile: A little Husky girl who had been found in the streets with a broken leg. It was assumed that she had jumped out of a truck to escape her fate in the meat trade.

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Helping dogs in the meat trade

Christine and Steve instantly fell in love. They already had three Malamutes and three German Shepherds, but they knew Deena just had to join the pack. 

They first started sending £150 a month to the charity in charge of Deena to help them care for her. About a year later, Christine got a bonus at work. The couple had planned to renovate their kitchen, but instead, they decided to spend the money on a flight to the UK for Deena. 

Husky adoption

In April 2021, Deena was finally able to take a flight from China to the UK. When Christine laid eyes on her for the very first time, she broke down into tears! 

Deena was a little shy at first, but settled in quickly. Now she’s as happy as can be! Thanks to this wonderful couple, her life changed for the better. She’s one lucky dog!