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Family who lost a dog 11 years ago get unbelievable phone call from local vets

Family who lost a dog 11 years ago get unbelievable phone call from local vets dog-happy
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Losing a pet is so hard. In some ways, it can be harder than dealing with a pet passing away, because you have no idea what’s happened to your poor pet.

By Justine Seraphin

Published on the 29/06/2021, 18:00

Back in 2010, the Covell family took in a Jack Russell puppy who they named Crumpet.

Crumpet immediately became best friends with the family’s senior dog, Totty. The two stayed together all the time, and Totty became a sort of mentor for Crumpet. 

Jack Russell mysteriously disappears

Sadly, just 3 months after Crumpet joined the family, she mysteriously disappeared from their back yard. She had been playing there with Totty, and the back yard was secure, so Sarah Covell wasn’t worried. But when she came to check up on the pair, Crumpet was nowhere to be found.

The devastated family did everything they could to reunite with Crumpet. They offered a reward, made flyers, and contacted all local vets and charities in the hopes that they could help to locate their puppy. After a year of fruitless searching, the family finally gave up hope.

Microchip saves the day

A couple of weeks ago, 11 years after Crumpet disappeared, Sarah received a call from a local vet clinic. A senior Jack Russell had been found alone on a golf course and carried a microchip which linked to Sarah’s contact information. Sarah could not believe what she was hearing. Yet, when she went to the vet clinic to see the dog, she recognized her happy, wiggly little Crumpet immediately!

No-one knows exactly what Crumpet’s been through these last few years, but it’s clear she’s had a difficult time. Her body condition indicated that she’d had many litters, and her ears had been so neglected that she had huge growths in them, and is now deaf. It is suspected that Crumpet was stolen from her back yard all those years ago, was used for illicit breeding, and dumped once she could no longer have puppies.

Thank goodness she is now back in the loving care of her original family. We hope she will have beautiful golden years that will make up for all the time she spent away from home.