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Jealous cat tries to get his owner’s attention in the most hilarious way

tabby-cat-stalking cat-happy
© Pexels

Whoever says cats don’t have feelings or emotions needs to see this video. Not only do cats have feelings, but they can be pretty clear about them too! 

By Justine Seraphin

Published on the 27/06/2021, 18:00

@dontstopmeowing is a hugely popular Instagram account featuring three adorable domestic cats.

Why are they so popular? Firstly, because their mum posts hilarious videos of them. And secondly, because they’ve got a lot of attitude.

Cat gets jealous of his sibling

Take Chase, the tabby for example. In a video posted a few weeks ago, Chase was lying down on the sofa with his cat mum. Suddenly, she starts to call one of her other cats, named Millie.

Chase instantly gets jealous of the attention Millie is receiving and wants to make sure his mum stops sharing her love with his siblings. To do so, he promptly places his velvety paw on his mum’s face, and more so on her mouth.

Be quiet, human

No matter how many times his mum removes his paw and tries to call Millie, Chase continues to try to “shut her up”, as the caption describes! Thankfully, it looks like Chase is a gentle kitty and never once did we see any claws coming out!

The video has left viewers in stitches, with people commenting that Chase acts more like a human than a cat! We can’t disagree with that!