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Dogs’ reaction to little human’s passing has everyone in tears

basset-hound-laying-with-baby-on-hospital-bed dog-sad
© Nora Hall, Miracle Baby - Facebook

Losing a loved one is one of the worst pains anyone can ever experience in life. And our beloved dogs, who love their humans so much, feel that pain too.

By Justine Seraphin

Published on the 26/06/2021, 21:00, Updated on the 29/06/2021, 09:05

Nora Hall, daughter of Mary and John Hall, was born in 2015 with a host of health problems. 

In 2016, she suffered a terrible stroke which affected her nervous system and her cardiovascular health. She quickly slipped into a coma and was admitted to the hospital, where she was given days to live.


Hospital asked for a favour

Nora’s parents, obviously devastated, did everything they could to make their daughter’s last moments pleasant. They talked to her, sang to her, held her, and told her how much they loved her. 

But they knew there were a couple of loving presences missing by her side. And so, they asked the hospital for a favour, which they granted. 

Basset Hounds comfort baby in hospital

Moments later, the family’s two Basset Hounds, Gracie and Grumpy, entered the hospital room. They immediately knew something was wrong. They laid down at Nora’s feet and stayed close to her, comforting her in her last moments. 

Nora sadly passed away, but she was surrounded by all those she loved and those who had loved her. No doubt she was reassured by her furry siblings’ presence, and what’s more, the dogs were able to understand what was happening and therefore get closure as they said their final goodbyes.

RIP, little Nora. 

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