Vans from Ukraine are stopped and checked: Police officers hit the mark

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Thanks to a tip, the Hanover police made an incredible discovery just a month ago in a couple of Ukrainian vans which were stopped on the side of the motorway. 

By Justine Seraphin

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Hanover police was called at the end of May 2021 by a witness stopped at a rest area on the motorway.

The woman in question explained that she had heard barking coming from two white vans. She had also seen a man handing over a puppy to someone. 

Puppy smugglers caught

The police immediately deployed 19 people to the site where their suspicions were quickly confirmed. 

When they checked the inside of the vans, they discovered dozens of animal transport cages. Inside were hungry, thirsty, and tired puppies and kittens. No doubt the animals had been smuggled illegally into the country to be sold for a profit.

Puppies and kittens seized by police

In total, 8 puppies and 1 kitten were taken into custody. They were immediately transported to a vet who made sure they were in good health.

For now, it seems the animals are out of the woods. They are currently resting at the Langenhagen animal shelter, where staff are keeping a close eye on them and showering them with affection. 

We hope for these little guys to make a quick recovery and find their loving forever homes soon. 

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