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John Bishop shares tragic news about his 15-year-old Bull Terrier Bilko

john bishop hugging white bull terrier bilko dog-sad

There’s nothing quite like the pain of losing a beloved pet. Sadly, it’s a pain that John Bishop has had to experience this week.

By Justine Seraphin

Published on the 15/06/2021, 18:00, Updated on the 23/06/2021, 16:01

Just a few hours ago, TV presenter and comedian John Bishop posted to his Instagram with a heart-breaking message. 

The picture showed him hugging his Bull Terrier Bilko. The caption read:

“God I loved him…”

Aging Bull Terrier

Bilko was 15 years old, which is a relatively good age for an English Bull Terrier. He lived a full life and was loved and spoiled. But that doesn’t make the grief any easier to handle.

John Bishop was clearly very close to his pet. He often posted about him on social media and talked about him with friends and family. They shared a close bond, and seeing Bilko age was difficult for Bishop.

John Bishop says goodbye to his dog

Thankfully, the TV star has two other dogs who will be there to cheer him up in the coming weeks. Additionally, Bishop believes that his beloved dog is in a better place now. In his Instagram stories, he shared a video of Bilko running happily through a field. He wrote: “Where I imagine Bilko to be right now.”

He also shared the last photo of them together, saying: “He was some friend.”

We are so sorry for your loss, John. There’s nothing quite like the love of a dog. They leave a huge hole in our hearts when they depart. RIP, Bilko.