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Euro 2020: Wamiz builds a football team made up of dogs

football team with dog breeds as players dog-happy
© Wamiz

If you’re anything like us, you’re a little more interested in pets than you are in football. If that’s the case, don’t worry, we’ve found a clever way to get you into sports.

By Justine Seraphin

Published on the 11/06/2021, 18:00

The Euro 2020 has kickstarted with it’s very first game on this day, the 11th of June 2021! We are already looking forward to the first of the UK teams, Wales, playing tomorrow.

But nonetheless, we are still all about pets. So the Euro got us thinking, what would a football team look like if it was made up of dogs? We think we’ve constructed a pretty good team - what do you think?

This is what a football team would look like if it was made up of dogs. Do you agree? ©Wamiz

Goalie: Jack Russell

Ok, hear us out. Goalkeepers need to be alert and attentive at all times. They need to be quick on their feet, clever, and most of all, ready to jump up and catch the ball at any moment.

What breed could do this better than a Jack Russell? Though they’re small in size, Jacks have BIG DOG attitudes and they are not to be messed with. They’re super intelligent, very athletic and active. They can be very protective (which would come in handy when defending a goal), and get this: The average Jack can jump five times its own height! Can you imagine if a human goalie could achieve this?! 

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Defenders: German Shepherds


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Defenders are out in the field trying to keep the ball away from the goal. Essentially, they are the goalies’ right-hand men or women. They need to be good guardians, but also to have a sense of bravery about them. They can’t be afraid to come face-to-face with aggressive players trying to get close to their goal.

We think German Shepherds would be perfect in this role! Not only are they highly focused on whatever job they’re carrying out, they’re also great guard dogs and are very athletic. But their greatest quality? They are unbelievably courageous and would never back down when protecting something (or someone) they care about - even if they’re feeling nervous on the inside. If all defenders were as brave as GSDs, we’re sure a lot of football matches would end differently!

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Midfielders: Belgian Malinois


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Midfielders have to be flexible: They can both defend and attack. This means they should be the fittest of all the players - they’re expected to do most of the running.

Belgian Malinois are very similar to German Shepherds in the sense that they’re intelligent and good guards. BUT - Belgian Malinois can be considered a healthier, more slender, and faster breed than the GSD; they wouldn’t mind running all over the field for 2 hours! They also have a little more “umph” when it comes to attacking. In fact, over recent years, Belgian Malinois have overtaken German Shepherds as the number 1 dog breed used by the Police and Military.

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Forwards: Border Collies


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Forwards are considered the most dangerous players in the game because they are the scorers. They don’t necessarily need to be aggressive, but they do need to be confident, quick, and great at playing ball.

Sure, Border Collies were originally bred to herd sheep, but have you ever seen them in a flyball or agility competition? These dogs are fast and furious! They understand the assignment every time - no matter what it is. They are fearless when it comes to achieving their goals (pun intended), and they certainly are athletic enough to do so. We can’t think of a better breed to take the UK to the finals!

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Coach: Labrador Retriever


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A good coach is positive, supportive, focused, knowledgeable and respectful. While the team is out doing the heavy lifting, they need someone who can share their wisdom with them and keep them grounded when the game gets heated.

Though Labradors are athletic dogs as well, they certainly are the calmest of the dog breeds in this list. They are intelligent and extremely versatile, having been used as guide dogs for the blind, bomb detection dogs, or therapy dogs, to name a few. They are social with other dogs but confident enough to keep all the crazy ones (see above...) in line! What better breed to lead a dog team to victory?

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What do you think of our virtual doggy football team? Would you have chosen differently?