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Paul O’Grady reveals what really takes place on the set of “For The Love Of Dogs”

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Paul O’Grady is best known today for his role on the popular TV show “For The Love Of Dogs”. And though he loves working on the show, he has admitted all is not as it seems.

By Justine Seraphin

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When speaking to BBC radio a few months ago, O’Grady admitted that what we see on the show is only part of the story.

Indeed, he said that the show only displays animals that are “TV” appropriate. Some dogs, in a much worse state, are not featured. 

Paul O’Grady explains filming For The Love Of Dogs

The dog lover and TV star went on to explain that some dogs that come into Battersea are in such bad shape that producers of the show believe they would shock viewers.

O’Grady also said that he gets so riled up about how some dogs have been treated that he almost loses it during filming. Producers have had to ask him to do takes again, in a more viewer-friendly way, several times.

“I always give a look to camera and I hope the viewer realises what I’m really thinking.” 

Adoptable dogs

For The Love Of Dogs has so far aired 9 seasons, each time telling the story of adoptable dogs at Battersea Dogs and Cats Home.

It’s always been a huge hit with animal lovers and their pets alike. And while we now know that what we see on screen doesn’t paint the whole picture, we are thankful that Paul O’Grady is doing what he’s doing to help these poor pooches.

Thank you, Paul!

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