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Abandoned pup whines for help: No one bothers to look, until one man comes along

A tiny abandoned puppy dog-serious
© Takis Shelter - YouTube

Rescue and rehoming shelters across the UK work to save the most vulnerable animals but some countries lack funding and so abandoned pets have little hope.

By Natasha James

Published on the 17/06/2021, 21:00, Updated on the 23/06/2021, 16:01

We take it for granted in the UK that if we find an abandoned animal, we have somewhere to go to report it and get help. But, that’s not the case everywhere and on the Greek islands, there are no such shelters.

In 2015 alone, animal charities reported one million stray and abandoned animals across the Greek islands.

A friend to the strays

These animals had nowhere to turn and were left to fend for themselves but now someone has stepped in to make a difference.

In Lerapetra, Crete, one man created a rescue center called Takis Shelter. The Good Samaritan decided to post videos of his rescues to his YouTube channel in a bid to get the animals rehomed.

A busy shelter

Today, the shelter is home to over 400 dogs, about 30 cats, ten goats and three sheep. A miracle made possible by the donations collected.

In one of his recent videos with the heart-breaking title, "Abandoned puppy, crying in a supermarket. No one even turns to look at it", the man sums up the sad reality of stray animals in Greece.It seems there are so many stray and abandoned pets roaming the streets that people barely pay attention. 

But Takis refuses to give up and will continue to work until each of these animals has a home.

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A second chance for Maisie

Little Maisie, the puppy in question, was rescued and taken to live at the shelter before finding a forever home with a couple who owned a farm.

Maisie now lives a happy life with 7 other dogs and 11 cats. We hope they’re all very happy together.

Watch the video of little Maisie's story here: