Walker hears whining near pile of rocks: She takes a look and her heart breaks

Happy Border Collie dog-angry © Yes058 Montree Nanta - Shutterstock

When Charlotte and her husband went hiking, they were prepared to have their energy levels sapped, but they weren’t prepared to have their hearts broken.

By Natasha James

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Charlotte and her husband loved to hike but nothing could prepare them for what they’d discover on this eventful day.

As they climbed across the hills, they heard a loud frantic whining coming from beneath the rocks. When they looked closer, they discovered Jake, a Border Collie seriously injured and left to die.

They immediately called the Scottish SPCA who came and rescued Jake and thanked Charlotte for her quick thinking.

Severe injuries

Rescuers were horrified to see the extent of the injuries that were inflicted upon the little pup. With a swollen head, skull fractures, and a dislocated jaw, Jake was barely conscious when he reached the vet.

Thankfully, he received treatment just in time and, despite losing an eye because of his injuries, vets were able to operate and save the poor pup’s life.

A new home for Jake

Following weeks of intensive treatment, Jake was temporarily rehomed with one of his rescuers, Mark.

As Mark watched Jake progress and his confidence improve, he realised he couldn’t be parted from him and instead decided to offer him a forever home. 

Mark describes Jake as,

“Very loving, very bouncy”

We’re delighted that this poor pup has got the happy ending he deserves and hope Mark and Jake are very happy together!

Watch the full story here:

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