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Kitten has surgery on twisted legs: Results are nothing short of miraculous

Little ginger kitten with front paws in bowl cat-happy © Chatons Orphelins Montréal - Facebook

An adorable ginger kitten cannot hide his delight that he can finally walk and run around on all four of his little paws for the very first time.

By Zoë Monk

Published on the 05/06/2021, 19:00, Updated on the 04/01/2022, 10:17

When Rubbix and his sister Boo arrived at Chatons Orphelins Montreal, a cat rescue centre in Montreal, Canada, it was clear the young kitten desperately needed help.

The little ginger kitten's back legs had been twisted since birth. But while he seemed happy using his front legs and back knees instead, the staff knew that Rubbix deserved a better quality of life.

Operation Rubbix

Rubbix went to see an orthopaedic specialist to find out what they could do to help him. The specialists decided that surgery was the best option for Rubbix and that he should have it as soon as possible to give him a better chance of success. 

As the kitten grew, his legs' malformation would only worsen due to the tension in his tendons. The surgery would mean that Rubbix would have every chance of enjoying a better quality of life that was also pain-free.


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Despite being so little, just 24 hours after his operation, Rubbix was already up on his paws, happily walking around without any help. He was thrilled to be able to move around just like other kittens and explore his surroundings properly. 

Remarkable transformation

It's fair to say that the surgery has radically changed Rubbix's life. Since his operation, he's been wearing external fixators, and his legs have continued to improve. The kitten's progress has been incredible.

Now he can run around on all four of his paws. He's transformed from a quiet, gentle kitten into a lively mischief-maker. He loves hanging out with the other felines and enjoying some rough and tumble with them.

At 14 weeks old, Rubbix is close to making a full recovery, and now nothing can hold him back from enjoying the life he deserves.

Watch Rubbix's incredible journey below:

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