Employee takes a cigarette break: This is what he finds in his makeshift ashtray

Sleeping kittens cat-wow © Museaux En Galère - Facebook

Five kittens born in a cardboard box that factory workers used as an ashtray have got a much brighter future ahead of them. And mum is also looking to find her perfect forever home!

By Ashley Murphy

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Where we start from in life doesn't really matter. Instead, the most important thing is where we end up. And that's certainly the case in this sad story with its fairytale ending.

It all started outside a factory near Beziers, Southern France. An employee on a quick cigarette break spotted something furry hiding in the bottom of a cardboard box used as a rubbish bin and ashtray.

No place for a cat and her kittens

On closer inspection he spotted another furry little thing, although this one was much smaller. And then he saw another one. And then a few more after that...

A stray cat had chosen the box as a nest to give birth and take care of her five precious kittens, who were less than a  few days old. But this was no place for a new mum and five babbies. And so workers from the factory called Museaux En Galere, a local non-for-profit cat and dog rescue centre. 

Rescue workers arrived a few hours later. Coaxing a feral cat to safety is usually a tough job, especially when they've got babies to protect. But mum was clearly exhausted and more than happy to go along with these helpful humans.

Now mum deserves some looking after

Mum and all five kittens are doing well at the animal shelter. The kittens will stay there for around five weeks before going up for adoption. And rescue staff are currently working on finding mum her very first real home. 

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Let's hope she finds that dream home soon. She's done a great job bringing babies into the world, and now it's time for someone to look after her.

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