Foster can’t find kittens anywhere: She looks up and is baffled at what she sees

Four kittens cuddling cat-wow © The Catalouge - Facebook

These four little furballs might be super-cute, but they're not as 'innocent' as they look. Because they're always on the lookout for ways to prank their foster parents!

By Ashley Murphy

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Like many of us, Katie Krysan began working from home after the COVID-19 outbreak. Cutting out the daily commute meant Katie had much more time on her hands. So Katie decided to do the one thing she's always dreamed of - be a foster mum to stray kitties!

The first little gang arrived a few weeks later. Unfortunately, Rajah, Genie, Abu, and Iago were in pretty bad shape, so Katie spent most of her time feeding them and dishing out medicine and cuddles. 

Katie realises she's got her paws full!

But as the kitties started getting better, Katie realised they had a mischievous side. And the furry pranksters recently pulled off an amazing escape that left their humans baffled.

The spider cats managed to sneak out of their catio - a large netted enclosure that keeps kittens safe - and then climb up to the roof for a group snuggle session.

Katie caught the cats in the act when she walked in on them chilling atop the catio. The shocked cat-mum asked the cheeky fursters how they managed to escape, but the four kittens stared back at her with expressions that said, "Hey, that's up to you to figure out human!"


Imagine my surprise when I walk out to give the kittens their lunch and find ALL FOUR little mischief makers up ON TOP of the catio! Just having a little cat nap, too! 🤦🏼‍♀️ We forgot to latch the bottom part of the door, so they must these little escape artists must have squeezed their way out and climbed on up! Mom was still happily hanging out in the catio. Thank goodness we kitten-proofed the garage (to the extent it's possible to kitten-proof anything) and they didn't get into any real trouble! @arf_animal_rescue_il @dig_doug_

Posted by The.Catalouge on Wednesday, May 19, 2021

A kitten is what a kitten does

Eventually, Katie and her husband found some loose netting at the bottom of the catio. It's since been secured. So these cats shouldn't be making any more great escapes in the future.

Or at least in theory. Because we wouldn't put anything past this cheeky little gang. And good for them. This is the kind of thing healthy, happy kittens should be doing!

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