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Residents hear crying coming from a garage: What police find is truly sickening

Belgian Shepherd rescued from garage dog-angry
© GagoDesign - Shutterstock

When neighbours hear crying coming from a garage in the French city of Troyes they immediately call the police but no one is prepared for what they discover.

By Natasha James

Published on the 07/06/2021, 18:00

The streets of Troyes in Northern France are usually pretty tranquil so when passers-by hear a frantic whining and crying coming from a garage – they know they have to act.

They realise that an animal is trapped inside and, with no way to get the creature out without trespassing on private property, decide to contact the local police.


A life-saving arrival

Thankfully, the police quickly obtained the necessary authorisation to intervene and go on site to break down the garage door. 

Once inside, they’re plunged into shock. The place is entirely in the darkness and covered with waste. A Belgian Shepherd dog is tied to the ceiling by a rope, which means the poor pup cannot move. 

A desperate dog

Not just that, he has no food or water and is crying in desperation.

Without wasting a second, police officers untie the poor animal and offer him lots of love and attention before taking him to their car, to start a new life. 

Police are now hunting for the poor pup’s former owner who will have to answer for their actions in court.