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Woman introduces foster kitten to her cat, what happens next leaves her stunned

Tiny tabby kitten cat-happy

It's not only humans that give animals a second chance. When a little kitten is found in need of help, it's the love of a special feline that ultimately saves him.

By Zoë Monk

Published on the 02/06/2021, 21:00, Updated on the 04/01/2022, 10:17

When foster volunteer Kathy Stankiewicz got the call about a tiny kitten found outside all alone, she was determined to help. 

But she wouldn't be doing it alone.

Rescue cat Misty

Kathy already had a cat, Misty, who was taken to an animal shelter at the age of three to get a new chance at a better life. When the cat, named Misty, was found, she was injured and heavily pregnant.

Just a few days after moving in with Kathy, Misty gave birth. But the cat quickly became ill and was also overcome by stress. Sadly, despite Misty's attempts to care for her kittens, they died. Fortunately, Misty was able to pull through, but the loss of her kittens left her heartbroken.

Not long afterwards, Kathy got a call about a little male kitten found all alone outside. She was happy to help and brought him home to meet Misty. 

As soon as Misty heard the cries of the little kitten, she walked over to him and began grooming him. She immediately accepted the kitten as hers. Misty took the kitten, now named Sunny, under her paw. She was incredibly protective of him, and once the kitten learned to latch on, nothing could separate the pair.

Purrfect mum

Despite everything she'd been through, Misty proved to be a wonderful and devoted mum. She was always happy to nurse him and would clean him around the clock. She relished being able to care for a kitten.

Thanks to Misty's devotion, Sunny grew into a happy and active kitten with a very healthy appetite. She taught him all the essential skills of being a feline so he'd eventually be able to stand on his own four paws by himself. But his favourite things were snuggling into his adopted mum Misty.

Misty was very proud of her surrogate son, but she started to need some time by herself. She was still dealing with stress-related issues, which manifested itself as overgrooming herself and Sunny. Misty is now ready to let Sunny spread his paws.

The caring cat has now been spayed and retired from motherhood to concentrate on looking after herself. It's hoped that she will soon find her furever home to give her the love she needs and the chance to relax.

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