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WATCH: Man dumps cat outside house, what he does next is even more unbelievable

CCTV footage of man dumping cat cat-angry
© glosemzwierzat - YouTube

When CCTV catches a man doing the unthinkable and dumping a cat outside a stranger’s house, you'd think his actions couldn't get any more despicable. But then he returns…

By Zoë Monk

Published on the 30/05/2021, 21:00, Updated on the 03/06/2021, 15:55

Over the years, we've seen all sorts of shocking and strange things caught on CCTV. 

But this clip of a man dumping a cat has taken the awful and the bizarre to new heights.


Mystery man

It's around 4 am on a quiet residential street in Poland when a CCTV camera captures what appears to be a man walking towards a house with a cat carrier in one hand and a bag of pet food in the other. The man seems to be walking with purpose, as if he knows where he is going. 

The figure walks towards the house and is seen bending down as he places the carrier and bag on the ground. A few seconds later, he stands up and walks back to the car.

Check out the first part of the footage below:

But that's not the end of the story.

Heartless and dishonest

The man then reappears sometime later, walking over to where he left the carrier. Sadly, he didn't return out of regret for abandoning the cat. Instead, the same CCTV catches the man walking away from the house with his arms full of potted plants. It seems that he'd returned only to steal some potted geraniums he'd spotted earlier outside the house! The man brazenly picks up the pots and carries them over to his car.

Fortunately, despite the man's heartless actions, the white Persian or Persian-like cat was discovered outside the house and taken to a local pet shelter. 

Staff at the Voice of the Animals Foundation are taking care of the fluffy white cat who they've named Mopik. The poor puss seems to be in reasonably good health but is understandably scared and confused.

The search for the mystery man continues…