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Wait for me on the other side: Owner shares heartbreaking clip of dog's last walk

Wait for me on the other side: Owner shares heartbreaking clip of dog's last walk dog-sad
© daleethomposon - Twitter

For pet owners, there are few things more earth-shattering than saying goodbye to a beloved best friend. This video shows the final walk of Murphy, the gorgeous Golden Retriever.

By Natasha James

Published on the 24/05/2021, 18:00, Updated on the 03/06/2021, 15:59

Making the decision to have a much-loved pet put down is a heartbreaking one. Even when we know how much the pet is suffering and that it’s the best thing for them, it’s still a gut-wrenching decision to have to make.

Twitter user Dale Thompson took to social media to share the final walk of his much-loved Golden Retriever, Murphy, before he was put to sleep.

Murphy's last Christmas

The senior pup had an aggressive form of cancer and no further treatment was available. He shared a picture of the dog announcing that it was Murphy’s last Christmas as there was nothing more than could be done other than trying to make him comfortable.

And then, just a few days later, he shared the video of Murphy slowly making his way to the vets.

A good boy until the very end

Dale claimed that even in Murphy’s final moments he was trying to make his owner happy and attempting to get up and leave with him.

In a further emotional post to blogging site Medium he said,

“Your last gesture was to stop me from crying before your final breath. I wonder if you understood when I asked you to wait for me on the other side.”

Murphy is at peace and pain-free now and we hope that Dale can look back on his days with Murphy with nothing but love.

Watch the sad video here: