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Firefighters evacuate burning building, then realise not everybody made it out

Cat jumping from burning building cat-wow
© ABC 7 Chicago - Youtube

A courageous cat was left counting his remaining lives after he jumped out of a 5-story window to escape an apartment block fire. And yes, he landed on his feet!

By Ashley Murphy

Published on the 21/05/2021, 18:00, Updated on the 04/06/2021, 16:01

Rescue workers from the Chicago Fire Department were called after a fire broke out in an 8-story apartment building earlier this week. After evacuating the building, firefighters entered the block to tackle the small blaze. 

At the same time, another group of firefighters remained outside to film the incident as part of a training and instruction video. And that's when they realised that not everybody had made it to safety. 

Not everybody had made it out

The short video clip shows a tiny black cat poking its head out of a 5th-story window just metres away from the source of the fire. 

The kitty is clearly feeling the heat. So after finding his footing on the window ledge, he takes the only course of action and leaps out of the window. 

Onlookers gasp as the kitty plunges through the air. But daredevil stunts like this are no sweat when you've got the agility (and extra lives) of a cat. 

The flying feline sails past a wall before landing on all fours on a patch of grass nearby. There's a brief bounce on impact, but then the kitty struts away as if he does this kind of thing every day!

Where did the flying cat come from?

Fire Department Chief Larry Langford witnessed the amazing escape: 

"After landing, the cat went under my car and hid," said Chief Langford. "But it came out a couple of minutes later and even tried to scale the wall to get back inside the building!"

The cat appeared unharmed, and locals are still trying to figure out who it belongs to. No animals or people sustained injuries during the incident.