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Rottweiler joins toddler on trampoline: What happens next leaves mum speechless

A Rottweiler and child jump on trampoline dog-happy
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Need a pick me up? Consider it done. Watch this adorable video of a toddler playing with her dog pal and we defy you not to giggle along with their delight!

By Natasha James

Published on the 18/05/2021, 18:00, Updated on the 04/06/2021, 15:57

When we see funny dog videos here at Wamiz, we consider it our civic duty to share them with you. We’ve shared a lot of great videos but this one has shot straight into our top 5 all-time adorable videos!

The hilarious video was shared on Twitter and has notched up hundreds of thousands of views!

Best of pals

The video shows three-year-old girl Alex jumping on the trampoline with her two-year-old Rottweiler pal, Kona.

The adorable duo bounce enthusiastically and their joy is infectious.

Little Alex shouts, “wow” and, “bounce” and her doggy pal happily obliges! Kona the Rottie copies his little friend and jumps, barks and rolls over in response.

An infectious giggle

In the footage, we hear Alex’s mother laughing in the background and we can’t help but join her.

Rottweilers have earned a reputation as being tough dogs thanks to their stocky build but this pup shows that the gorgeous breed has a big old soft side!

We could (and let’s face it, probably will) watch this video on repeat all day.

Watch the video and prepare to smile:

Rottweiler Dog And Little Girl Bounce Around On Trampoline Together

Bouncing buddies having the time of their lives! 🥰🥳

Posted by Woof Woof on Tuesday, May 11, 2021