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Distraught couple watch CCTV and are horrified by what they see

An American and an English Bulldog dog-angry
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A distraught Birmingham couple watches their home CCTV footage and find the shocking sight of a dog thief calmly at work in their home.

By Natasha James

Published on the 17/05/2021, 18:00, Updated on the 03/06/2021, 16:04

Cavan Dixon and girlfriend Brooklyn Robert are the proud owners of two prized pedigree dogs: an American Bulldog named Nitrous and an English Bulldog named Mercury.

On Friday afternoon, Cavan and Brooklyn returned to their two-bedroom house in the Kings Heath area of Birmingham to find that their two beloved dogs were nowhere to be seen and the door had been left open.

A horrifying discovery

They immediately checked their CCTV footage and were horrified by what they saw.

The footage shows a man wearing a black and grey hoodie with the hood pulled up, calmly entering the property and picking up the American Bulldog.

The man then leaves the property with the American Bulldog. The English Bulldog, seeing that her brother is being taken, follows curiously.

A prize target for canine thieves

The couple firmly believe that their house was being watched prior to the shocking theft and that their dogs were the target.

Cavan said,

“We have laptops and a Playstation 5 but they were left. He just came for the dogs.”

The police are investigating the thefts and we hope to report back with good news soon. We really hope that the callous thief is caught and these gorgeous dogs are returned to their family as soon as possible.

Watch the shocking footage here:



Posted by Jordan Dixon on Friday, May 14, 2021