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5 snaps that prove Bo was the best ever Presidential Pup

President Obama's dog Bo dog-sad
© michelleobama - Instagram

The Obamas recently announced the sad passing of their beloved pup and former first pooch, Bo. Let’s take a minute to remember why the presidential pup was so special…

By Natasha James

Published on the 15/05/2021, 19:00, Updated on the 04/06/2021, 16:23

Bo the Portuguese Water Dog was one special pup. In a post to Instagram, Michelle Obama shared the sad news that he’d passed away, saying:

" As a family, we will miss Bo dearly. But we are thankful that he lived such a joyful life full of snuggles, games of fetch, and evenings spent lying on the couch."

In honour of Bo, we've been trawling Instagram for our favourite pics that prove that he was the best boy!

1. Bo made the White House fun

Whether lolloping across the White House lawns or sitting pretty on the red carpet, Bo always managed to bring a sense of fun to the White House.

2. …but he wasn’t afraid to show his pedigree either

Yes, Bo was a lovable, playful pup but he also brought the gravitas too.

3. When the situation called for it, Bo could be called upon to make tough decisions

If Barack and Michelle were busy, then Bo could be relied upon to step up and stand in.

4. If there were snacks to be eaten, Bo could be counted on to eat them

Spare treats going begging? Don’t panic, Bo was always on hand to snaffle them up.

5. Bo showed us how human the Obamas were

Whatever your political allegiance, it’s hard not to have a soft spot for the Obama family. Bo reminded us all that despite holding the most powerful position in the world, the Obamas are a normal family who love their pup.


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Enjoy your journey over the rainbow bridge little guy - we hope it's filled with treats and tummy rubs.