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Feisty Chihuahua attacks Staffy: No one could have guessed what happened next

Two dogs play fighting dog-wow
© Pati MK - YouTube

A Chihuahua has lived up to his breed's fearless reputation! The tiny tough guy proved he isn't scared of anyone by testing his giant dog brother's patience to the limit! 

By Ashley Murphy

Published on the 17/05/2021, 19:00

There's an old saying that goes something like this: it's not the size of the dog in the fight that matters. The important thing is the size of the fight in the dog. In other words, being tough and fearless isn't about how big you are. Instead, it's a state of mind. Some would even call it an attitude. 

And when it comes to small dogs with big attitudes, there's one diminutive pooch that wins paws down every time. It's not the Jack Russell. It's not even the miniature Schnauzer. We're talking, of course, about the mightiest canine to ever come out of South America - the Chihuahua!

Small dog, big attitude

They weigh less than 2kg and, even on hind legs, stand at just 12-inches tall. But despite having a reach that's measured in millimetres rather than inches, the Chihuahua doesn't care who's waiting in the other corner. They always come out fighting.

And that's precisely what happened when this little Chihuahua met his Staffordshire Bull Terrier brother. The duo's dog parents caught the encounter on camera. 

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The short video shows the Chihuahua swaggering up to his much larger opponent. Then he starts off the 'fight' with a few teasing lunges to see what this big guy is made of! 

Unimpressed with the other dog's response, the Chihuahua starts mocking the Staffy by licking his face and nibbling on his paws. It's like he's saying, "I can get away with anything! You'll do nothing!"

This isn't over!

Thankfully, the giant pooch appears more curious than intimidated. And after letting the little squirt tire himself out, the Staffy bats him away with a gentle paw. 

The Chihuahua finally does the smart thing by retreating to the safety of his dog bed. But knowing Chihuahuas, he'll be yapping for a rematch soon. He probably thinks he won this play fight!