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Dog recovers from horror accident, but then faces an even tougher challenge

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A pup left for dead after a traffic accident is now living his best dog life. And it's all thanks to one person who was determined to go the extra mile for this special guy!


By Ashley Murphy

Published on the 13/05/2021, 18:00, Updated on the 04/06/2021, 16:21

Poor Boris has had a tough few years. Firstly, he was abandoned by his family in Romania. It forced this 12-year-old pooch to fend for himself at a time when others should have been caring for him even more. Then he got hit by a car, and the heartless driver left Boris for dead on the side of the road.

Thanks to a good samaritan, Boris made it to a local rescue centre. He received some life-saving medical treatment, as well as some much-needed strokes and cuddles. 

Boris faces his biggest challenge

Boris recovered from his injuries. But then he faced an even tougher challenge - finding a forever family to love him during his golden dog years. 

Unfortunately, enquiring pooch parents often overlook seniors in favour of puppies and younger dogs. And while we think he's absolutely gorgeous, Boris has a unique look that's a bit different from most people's conventional ideas about canine cuteness


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Posted by Amicii Dog Rescue Romania on Monday, April 13, 2020

Three months passed without a single enquiry about Boris. And then, finally, the world's unluckiest dog got the break he deserved. Over 1000 miles away in Worcestershire, UK, a woman named Sally Keen stumbled across his picture online.

Sally has always had a soft spot for dogs that nobody else wants. And so when she read about Boris' story, what happened next was inevitable.

"I thought what a poor dog," said Sally. "I just wanted to help and give him a second chance."

Boris makes the most of his second chance 

It took lots of phone calls and paperwork, but Sally finally got permission to bring Boris to the UK. Boris arrived at his new home earlier this month. And rather than settling in for retirement, this OAP pup has found a new lease of life.

Sally says Boris appears to be getting younger by the day. He loves playing with his new siblings and running around the house as fast as possible, especially when he hears the biscuit tin open!