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Ginger kitten hatches cunning plan to take over her brother's bed

Cats lying on bed cat-happy
© Marie Charouzova - Shutterstock

A super cute ginger kitten won the hearts of everyone in her new dream family, including a big cat brother who wasn't too sure about this new arrival at first!

By Ashley Murphy

Published on the 08/05/2021, 21:00, Updated on the 04/06/2021, 16:28

Like most cats, Hank can be territorial. The former rescue feline was top cat in the house and always had mum to himself at cuddle time. So when a ginger little furball called Cheese arrived, Hank was more than a little bit suspicious. 
Cheese could sense her new brother's misgivings, and so the cute critter went on a full charm offensive to win over Hank. Cheese wanted Hank to know that she was here to bring more love into the house, not take any away from him. 

The charm offensive begins

Cheese employed the same tactics all younger siblings use. She followed Hank everywhere, turning herself into his little shadow. And whenever Hank gently swatted her away, Cheese just came back for more.

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So slowly but surely - and after lots of sniffing - Hank got used to having little Cheese around. He even let her hang out by his favourite spot in the house - the windowsill. 

And then there was the big breakthrough! A few weeks ago, Cheese decided to join Hank in his cat bed. Hank would usually get up and strut away whenever Cheese invaded his personal space. But this time he stayed where he was, and the new best friends enjoyed their very first afternoon cat-nap together.

Cheese and Hank become best friends forever

"I couldn't believe my eyes," said the pair's cat mum, Jennifer Kubba. "This was a first, a shocker, and the happiest moment of the whole weekend."

Cheese and Hank are now practically inseparable. And although Cheese can still be a little clingy, Hank wouldn't change his little sister for anything. And he can't imagine life without her.