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Watch: Man bewildered when he realises what his hen is brooding

white hen brooding in chicken coop cat-wow
© goran.surchi - TikTok

There’s nothing cuter than baby animals. But if we had to pick the cutest babies in the world, we’d probably go with the little ones this hen is sitting on.

By Justine Seraphin

Published on the 28/04/2021, 20:00

It is often said that what makes us family is love, not blood. And that is definitely true in this case.

Goran A Surchi was checking on the animals in his farm one morning when he noticed something unusual in the chicken coop.

A strange family

Goran could hear tiny little meows, but couldn’t find the kittens anywhere. Then he noticed that his hen was brooding. And he realised the only place he hadn’t checked was underneath his hen…so tentatively…he took a sneak peak…  

And there he found three tiny kittens huddling up for warmth!

Hen brooding kittens

It was later found out that the kittens had lost track of their mum. Without a mother to keep them safe and warm, they went wandering around for help. And though it wasn’t the most likely adoptive mother who stepped up, it certainly was a perfect match! The mother hen was delighted to take care of the needy babies until they could be reunited with their mother.

This isn’t the first time an animal has adopted orphaned babies of a different species. There have been countless stories of cats adopting puppies or rabbits, and in the wild, there have even been cases of lions adopting baby gazelles!

This story just goes to show that we could learn a little something from nature about loving each other.

Check out the heart-warming video here: