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New bins coming to the UK will turn dog poop into something much more valuable

New bins coming to the UK will turn dog poop into something much more valuable dog-wow
© alexei_tm - Shutterstock

An in-ground waste containment company named Sutera has found the perfect solution to protect our landscape and natural habitats from a huge pollutant: dog poop.

By Justine Seraphin

Published on the 27/04/2021, 18:00

There are 10.1 million dogs in the UK, and together, they produce an astonishing 1.2 million tonnes of waste every year. 

Sadly, as we know all too well, many dog owners don’t pick up after their pets. This leads to around 500,000 tonnes of dog poop polluting land and marine life every year, which isn’t harmless. Studies have shown that 30% of bacteria found in urban waterways can be traced back to dog faeces. This, of course has ecological impacts, including on fish survival and behaviour.

With people adopting more and more dogs during the lockdown this past year, this problem is likely to exacerbate.

Sutera to the rescue

We’ve all seen them - the dog waste left in the park grass, or on the sidewalk, or even those picked up into poop bags but then left to hang in trees. Thousands of dog owners don’t pick up after their pets and County Councils are starting to run out of ideas. Though they can fine these litterers up to £400, this doesn’t seem to deter them. 

Thankfully, a Canadian company who has already tackled the problem overseas is hoping to bring their ground-breaking solutions to the UK. When the directors of Sutera discovered that a major reason for owners not picking up after their pets was that there were no bins available - they knew they could do something to help.

So, Sutera created in-ground bins especially made for dispensing dog poop. The design is such that the bins can collect a large amount of waste while remaining hygienic for the user and virtually odourless. 

Turning brown into gold

The best part is that using these bins can actually contribute to helping the environment. In Canada, Sutera has partners that empty the bins and deliver them to factories which ferment the waste and turn it into fertilizer, heat, or electricity. In other words, “poop power”!

So far, Sutera has been a huge hit in its native Canada, and is hoping it will have the same effect in the UK. In fact, Kent County Council has already shown great interest in implementing a Sutera dog waste program to solve their #1 environmental concern, according to their public survey. The hope is that these bins will finally change the habits of even the most irresponsible dog walkers.

If it does, the efficiency of the bins will be noticed by many more County Councils all over the country. And perhaps someday...our parks will be free of dog waste!

We can’t wait to test these bins out!