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Dog who looked to be made of stone stuns everyone with his transformation

Rescue dog covered in scabs dog-wow
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A dog that was once described as looking more like a stone statue than an actual living dog has stunned everyone with his incredible transformation.

By Zoë Monk

Published on the 01/05/2021, 19:00, Updated on the 03/05/2021, 09:48

When shelter staff first set eyes on Grinch, they didn’t know if he would survive. His skin was grey and covered in scabs, and he had not one wisp of hair on his body. 

But they were determined to do everything they could to give the poor pup a fighting chance at life.

Made of stone

Staff at Rescue Dogs Rock NYC took on the challenge of getting Grinch back on his paws. But the dog was in such a bad state staff didn’t even know what breed he was.

He was very underweight, and it was clear though that he’d been suffering for a long time. Rescue staff said the dog looked more like a stone statue than a living creature.

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Grinch started treatment for his numerous skin conditions and other health problems, and a month later, he was placed with a foster family. But while he looked better than when he’d first arrived at the shelter, he was still struggling to recover from living on the streets for so long. He was timid and nervous and would back away from other dogs.

Incredible transformation

Thanks to the care and attention he got from his foster mum, five months on, Grinch is unrecognisable from the dog that first arrived at the shelter. Just look at him now:

He’s transformed from a scared, hairless, and scabby dog to a loving, active, and beautiful Shepherd Malinois mix with a lovely fluffy coat.

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Every animal deserves a second chance, and Grinch’s incredible transformation goes to prove it.