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WATCH: Hairless cat and Great Dane boxing each other is mesmerising the internet

Great Dane and Bambino cat fighting dog-cat-happy
© Shannon West - YouTube

A feisty and hairless bambino cat and a lively Great Dane puppy have become the most unlikely friends and sparring partners, and the internet can’t get enough of them.

By Zoë Monk

Published on the 01/05/2021, 21:00

The best thing about the internet is, of course, all the cat and dog videos. 

The latest pet video to grab everyone's attention features a very unlikely pairing, and viewers can’t get enough.

Little and large

The video clip features unlikely brothers Riggs, a big Great Dane, and Remi, a little Bambino cat (a cross between a Sphynx and a Munchkin). The pair seem to get on reasonably well most of the time. 

But just like all brothers, now and again, the four-legged boys enjoy a bit of a scrap. Fortunately for us, their owner caught this battle of the brothers on camera.

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Sparring partners

The pair take turns to clout each other with their paw in what looks more like a slapping than a boxing match.

As they sit on the sofa, the four-legged fighters will occasionally give the other a nibble, but it all seems pretty harmless. While both are giving as good as they get, neither looks threatened or particularly worried about taking a few paw slaps on the head. 

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The fact that Riggs is a lot bigger than him doesn’t seem to bother Remi at all. And Riggs almost looks relaxed on the sofa and even has a big yawn halfway through. 

Check out the clip below. It could be the most adorable boxing match you’ve ever seen.