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Watch: Footballers forced to pause match when crazed spectator invades pitch

footballers playing on field cat-wow
© matimix - Shutterstock

Football match pitch invasions aren’t uncommon after a cup final or a 90th-minute derby-winning goal but we’ve never seen one that looks quite this cute before…

By Natasha James

Published on the 25/04/2021, 21:00

During a high stakes Australian Football League game between Adelaide United and Macarthur, a pitch invasion with a difference took place.

The adorable video shows a match like any other…until a furry intruder makes their way onto the pitch.

An unexpected guest

The commentator exclaims,

“There’s a cat on the field!”

And the camera pans to show a tabby cat darting around the perimeter of the pitch.

The acrobatic kitty jumps onto advertising boards that surround the pitch before continuing its high-speed adventure.

The most exciting thing to happen all match

The players stand and watch in confusion as the little kitty steals all the limelight. Meanwhile, the commentators seem more excited by the pitch invasion than they are by the game itself!

The video was shared to social media platform Reddit and has achieved a host of views, comments and upvotes.

One user said, 

“Man of the match right there”

With other users comparing the players unfavourably to the speedy little kitty cat.

It’s unclear when or how the cat got on the pitch but it certainly makes its presence known. We hope the kitty is now safely tucked up at home with his or her owners and isn’t planning any more sporting adventures anytime soon!

Watch the adorable video here:

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