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Watch: Staff stunned when they see what this cat carries into the hospital

ginger cat with kitten in her mouth cat-wow
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All female animals have maternal instincts, but few are those who have the reason to know when they need help and where they need to go to ask for it.

By Justine Seraphin

Published on the 26/04/2021, 19:00

In Turkey, a mother cat recently moved hospital staff when she walked into the building with her sick kitten in her mouth.

The scene was so spectacular that a member of staff decided to film it.

A safe space

It’s not a total coincidence that the Queen cat ended up at the hospital with her sick kitten. Indeed, she had been visiting the hospital for quite some time already, seeking food, water, and cuddles. She knew the people there were kind and wanted to help. 

So when her kitten fell ill, she couldn’t think of a better place to look for a helping hand.

Kitten with an eye infection

The staff was surprised to see the mother cat show up inside the hospital with a kitten – they didn’t even know she had had a litter! But when they saw how distressed she was – meowing constantly – they knew they had to take a look at her baby.

That’s when they realised that the tiny kitten had a nasty eye infection which prevented his eyes from being able to open. A nurse promptly put drops in his eyes to help him recover.

Thanks to the staff’s quick thinking, the kitten was soon able to open his eyes. He and his mother were later transported to another doctor – for cats this time (!) – who continued the treatment they needed until they were fully recovered.

Thank you to these amazing people for not turning away a stray in need!