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Do you recognise these dogs? Suffolk police release photos of 48 stolen dogs

Dachshund looking to camera dog-serious
© Nel_Botha-NZ - Pixabay

Suffolk police have released photos of 48 stolen dogs in the hope of reuniting these poor pinched pups with their owners as part of an ongoing police investigation.

By Zoë Monk

Published on the 21/04/2021, 18:00

Since March last year, there has been a surge in pet ownership, and the demand for dogs has gone through the roof. 

Sadly, the rise in pup popularity has led to a rise in dog thefts across the country.

Dog theft investigation

As part of their investigations into dog napping, police seized an incredible 83 animals last month when officers raided a travellers' site in Ipswich, following a string of pet thefts. While police arrested six people concerning the dog thefts, the authorities don't know where the dogs came from.

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Police have been working hard to identify the dogs' owners. But it's proven to be challenging as the dogs don't have sufficient identifying features. This has led Suffolk police to release photos of 48 dogs believed to be stolen. It's hoped that the dogs' owners will recognise their pups and come forward and claim them.

Recognise your dog?

If you think that one or more of the dogs in these photos could belong to you, send the police an email with your full name, contact details and image number, along with proof of ownership to opscout@suffolk.pnn.police.uk. The police are urging people not to call 101 or 999.

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