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WATCH: Prankster cat plays a hilarious trick on unsuspecting Chihuahua

White and black cat waiting by open green door dog-cat-happy
© dunasaurio_ - Instagram

Who says cats don't have a sense of humour? The cat in this clip certainly likes a giggle. However, his canine sibling doesn't seem to find it funny.

By Zoë Monk

Published on the 27/04/2021, 21:00

Cat owners and canine siblings, beware, your feline friend could have a trick up his paw, just like the white and black cat in this video.

The poor unsuspecting Chihuahua had no idea they were about to be pranked, and it makes hilarious viewing.

Prankster puss

While we don't know whether the cat realises that someone or something is about to come through the door, they sit patiently waiting by an open door. The cat's ears twitch as the cat sits, looking up eagerly at the door in anticipation.

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After a few moments, a tiny Chihuahua wearing a little red jumper comes into view in the doorway. As the dog, completely unaware of the cat, gets closer, the cat leaps towards the dog. 

The poor unsuspecting Chihuahua leaps off his paws as the cat puts its paw forward as if to try and swipe the dog (but misses).

Spooked pup!

With their prank complete, the cat turns away and casually walks out of view through the doorway.

However, the little dog is clearly spooked and runs around the room, yapping away at its owner about what has just happened. Poor pup!

Check out the funny clip below: