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Rescue dog alerts owner to hidden danger creeping through apartment at night

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A rescue dog returned the favour to the man who saved him by alerting the sleeping owner to a fire inside the house. Firefighters believe he probably saved his human's life!

By Ashley Murphy

Published on the 28/04/2021, 21:00

Drew Smith wasn't too sure about adopting Carl the rescue pooch at first. The Spaniel crossbreed had some serious dental issues, and Drew was worried about the cost of any potential vet bills.

But after mulling it over for a few days, Drew decided that he couldn't leave poor Carl in the animal shelter. This dog needed a home, and Drew had lots of love to offer. 

You saved me, now I save you!

And now Carl has returned the favour in the best possible way - he saved his dog dad's life. The sharp-nosed pooch caught a whiff of fire as his owner slept. 

The normally placid Carl then barked the house down until his dad woke up. Drew thought Carl needed to do some business outside but quickly noticed smoke filling up the apartment. He then took himself and his dog to safety and called the emergency services.

How strong is a dog's sense of smell?

Firefighters think the fire had been smouldering in the wall for days. And without clever Carl around to smell the danger, it would have broken out into the apartment and put Drew's life in serious danger.

Drew deserves his extra treats!

"We always say that adopting an animal from a shelter will change the owner's life," said Dan DeSousa, the director of the animal shelter that took care of Carl before Drew came along. "But it's rare that we get to see an adopted animal actually save the life of its owner. It's an incredible story."

Drew and Carl are now back at home, where this super-smart wonder dog is enjoying a few more treats than usual. He certainly deserves them!