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5 crucial things vets wish pet owners knew

elderly dog sleeping at the vets dog-cat-serious
© mirkosajkov - Pixabay

Sometimes a reassuring word from a professional is all we need to feel confident that we’re doing enough for our pets. Here vets reveal the five things they wish we already knew…

By Natasha James

Published on the 29/04/2021, 21:00

Want some free veterinary advice? These are the five things that your vet wants you to know...

1. Dogs prefer their tails and ears intact

Contemplating having your dog’s tail docked or ears clipped? DON’T. Your pet is perfectly happy with themselves and you should be too.

2. Don’t leave your pet alone to be euthanised

Having a pet put down is a traumatic experience for any loving pet owner, we understand that, but don’t be tempted to leave them alone for the procedure. This adds to their fear and confusion. It will be hard to watch but your pet needs you more than ever at this moment.

3. Don’t choose a dog based on how they look

Yes, Huskies are absolutely gorgeous but they’re working dogs and have tons of energy. If you buy a working dog, be ready to provide them with lots of mental and physical stimulation or live to regret it!

4. Learn your pet’s cues

If your cat is wagging her tail or your dog is hiding his between his legs, they’re not happy. Learn your animal’s cues so you can respect their boundaries.

5. You are your pet’s whole world

You have work, social life, the gym, your family, your friends – your pet has YOU. Be sure to give them the attention they deserve every day.