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Shocking survey reveals some people think dogs are a health risk

golden retriever laying on grass dog-serious
© CLVann - Pixabay

An animal charity has sought to allay fears after a survey found that some people mistakenly believe assistance dogs in hospitals are a hygiene risk.

By Natasha James

Published on the 20/04/2021, 21:00

For most, taking a dog to work, the pub or the shops is an enjoyable experience. But, for those with service dogs, it’s a necessity that can be the difference between leaving the house or staying home.

For those with special needs and health problems, a service dog can be a lifeline to the outside world that allows them to go about their day with independence and dignity.

Worrying survey

But, a recent survey carried out in the Netherlands reveal that people worry about the bacterial implications of bringing a service dog in hospitals and many would rather that all dogs (including service dogs) were not permitted in hospitals.

Now an animal charity has spoken out in favour of allowing service dogs to attend hospital visits with their owners. It insists that dogs' paws are actually safer and have less harmful bacteria than our shoes. 

An appeal to hospitals

Peter Gorbing, CEO of The Dogs for Good charity went on to say,

“We encourage hospitals and health care settings to welcome assistance animals … to provide much-needed support to people with disabilities and additional needs.”

We fully support the demands of the charity and believe that people with service dogs should be able to have them attend hospital visits when restrictions are eased.