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Guitarist stunned when he discovers ginger tabby's incredible talent

ginger cat playing piano next to man playing guitar cat-happy
© Jeffin Rodegheri - Facebook

Mozart, Beethoven, Chopin. Most musical geniuses just so happen to be human but this ginger tabby called Barney is giving them all a run for their money!

By Natasha James

Published on the 19/04/2021, 18:00

Barney the cat is a sensation. This small ginger moggy has taken it upon himself to learn to play the piano and he’s really rather good!

Barney has his own TikTok page with 18,000 followers who tune in to see his latest musical compositions and now the little fella is even inspiring some human musicians!

An inspiration to the professionals

Bass guitarist Jeffin Rodegheri has taken inspiration from Barney’s latest musical offering and turned it into a bass solo. And, honestly? It’s really quite good!

Rodegheri took to his Facebook page with a post that said,

“Tonight I saw a video of Barney playing his piano alone, and decided to accompany him on his theme.”

The attached video is nothing short of musical genius.

A match made in muscial heaven

The video shows a spilt screen of Barney meaningfully playing his music on the right with musician Jeffin accompanying him on the left.

The atmospheric piece of music might not be hitting the Top 10 anytime soon but it’s well worth a watch!

We hope the pair create many more beautiful compositions together for us to enjioy!

Take a look at Jeffin and Barney jamming here:


Рапсодия на тему Барни 🙋‍♂️🎸😺🎹 essa noite eu vi um vídeo do Barney tocando sozinho seu piano, e resolvi acompanhá-lo no seu tema "Котоджаз N°: 7". instagram: @jeffinmr

Posted by Jeffin Rodegheri on Sunday, April 4, 2021