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The 10 pawfect pup posts that will leave you barking for more

Dog with head out of car window dog-happy
© AJChandler - Reddit

Need something to smile about today? We've got 10 of them right here. Check out these funny and adorable pup posts that will make your day pawfect.

By Zoë Monk

Published on the 23/04/2021, 10:00

What's the best thing about the internet? That's right. It's all the amazing pet posts.

Social media is packed with photos and videos of dogs, large and small. But, don't worry. We've saved you the trouble of hunting them down.

10 pawfect pup posts

Here is our round-up of the ten best pup posts to hit the internet. They are so awesome. They'll make your tail wag.

1. Watch this dog try to talk his way out of trouble (and yes, we do mean talk).


Thank you TikTok for taking the sound off the original because my husband said ✨bumh*le✨. Hopefully y’all don’t take the sound off this one too🙄#fyp

♬ original sound - Colt Blue, Talking Catahoula

2. Oops! This dog has caused a snowstorm in his house. 

3. This adorable little Pug is too shy for playtime.

4. Mystery solved! This mini Daschund is finally caught red pawed.

5. This hangry Shibu Inu wants this sausage. And he wants it now.

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6. This Golden Retriever couldn't handle the embarrassment of her mum farting.

7. Twitter reveals a brand new dog breed, Mushroom Dog. He looks a fungi!

8. Watch this pup knead like a cat.

9. Is it Usain Bolt? Oh no, it's just an incredibly fast German Shepherd

10. And finally, free kisses from this cutie? Yes, please!