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WATCH: Pitbull's reaction to meeting new brother leaves his family in hysterics

Adult and puppy Pitbull looking at each other dog-wow
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Not everyone likes their siblings at the very beginning. This adorable Pitbull Terrier called Dyson certainly doesn't, and he can't hide his true feelings about it.

By Zoë Monk

Published on the 16/04/2021, 11:07

When you've been the only child for a while, it can be hard to share the attention with a new sibling. Dyson, the Pitbull Terrier, knows that only too well.

The loveable bully was not at all impressed when introduced to his new little brother for the first time.

First introductions

Bringing home a new puppy is often a time of celebration. Everyone excitedly gathers around to welcome the new member of the family. But for certain family members, it may not be such a joyous moment. 

Especially when they realise they will now have to share their owner's love and affection.

When Dyson's owner comes home with a Pitbull puppy, the older dog cannot hide his dismay. 

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Dyson's owners keep a watchful eye as the two dogs sit next to each other. 

Not impressed

As the little puppy settles down contently, Dyson eyes him with a mixture of confusion and dismay. He's clearly not enamoured with the new member of his pack.

Check out the hilarious clip of their first meeting:


A post shared by Dyson (@dysonthebully)

But while Dyson may not have shown much love to his new little brother initially, that soon changed. The pair are now the best of friends. The canine duo sleeps together, eat together and play together. Dyson clearly loves his little brother.


A post shared by Dyson (@dysonthebully)

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