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When woman sees tiny kitten's facial deformity, she instantly falls in love

A cat sticks its tongue out cat-happy
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We love all cats and kitties here at Wamiz. But this tiny little moggy has one very distinctive feature and it’s making her something of a hit online…

By Natasha James

Published on the 30/04/2021, 21:00

Gremlin, the tortoiseshell cat did not have the most auspicious start to life. Found abandoned with seven of her littermates in a supermarket carpark, her little life started with tragedy.

And what’s more, she didn’t look quite right either. Not only was she super small, she also had a deformity of the jaw which meant her tongue was permanently on display.

An unusual quirk

Yes, Gremlin is sticking her tongue out at all times.

But, beauty is in the eye of the beholder and when owner Maureen saw little Gremlin she says,

“I instantly fell in love, she was so small, and her wonky jaw was so endearing.”

And, while Gremlin has grown in confidence since going to live with Maureen, it seems she’s remained diminutive in stature. The little kitty weighs around five pounds and is far smaller than the other three cats she lives with.

Owner Maureen says that Gremlin is sweet, docile and loves to cuddle up and take naps. Sounds like the perfect life, little one!

Small cat, big hit

Her tiny stature and distinctive smile have made her a hit on social media too and a dedicated Instagram account has over 8,000 followers.

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