7 reasons you should NEVER get a Samoyed

Two Samoyeds curl up together dog-happy
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Getting a new pup? We’ve trawled Instagram to find seven reasons why you most definitely shouldn’t get a Samoyed. Nope, na-huh, don’t get one. Here’s why…

By Natasha James

Published on the 15/04/2021, 21:00, Updated on the 04/06/2021, 16:02

So, Samoyeds are a medium dog breed, covered in thick white fur and known for being friendly (especially with children) but still, we really don’t think you should get one.

Why? Well, because...

1. Samoyeds take themselves too seriously

Sure, Samoyeds are gorgeous but boy don’t they know it. They’re too busy being majestic and regal to ever really relax.


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2. Samoyed puppies are not cute. At all.

Thinking of getting a Samoyed puppy? Good luck! Samoyed puppies do not look like tiny white bears at all.

3. A Samoyed will not come with you to get your morning coffee

Want a dog that will sit happily by your side as you sip your morning coffee? Ha! A Samoyed is not the dog for you. This one? Oh yes, this one did but we’re sure this one’s an exception.

4. Samoyeds are seriously unphotogenic

Want to post pictures of your dog to Instagram? Steer clear of the Samoyed then because this dog does not photograph well…

5. Samoyeds aren’t interested in talking

Samoyeds won’t have a conversation with you. They won’t bark in response to your questions and they’ll refuse to make you laugh.

6. Samoyeds are not interested in walks or adventures

Get a Samoyed and wave goodbye to long scenic walks. What? This one? Oh yes, this one does but the others don’t…

7. Samoyeds are thoroughly unfriendly and won’t bond with other dogs…oh

Okay, we admit it. We’re wrong. Samoyeds are adorable balls of fluff. We love them and highly recommend you get yourself one asap. Actually, scrap that, get two!


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