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Passers-by think they're hallucinating when they see a 'Galaxy Dane'

Great Dane with a dyed coat dog-wow
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Heard of the Galaxy Dane? A colourful Great Dane in Colorado has got locals convinced that she's a brand new breed of dog that looks out of this world. 

By Zoë Monk

Published on the 17/04/2021, 21:00

A beautiful two-year-old Great Dane is getting a lot of attention in her home town. 

But while she may stand tall over most other breeds, it's not her size that is getting her noticed.

Echo the Cosmic Dane

Echo lives with her devoted owner Sierra Schoon. Sierra is often stopped in the street by curious onlookers wondering if Echo is a new breed of dog. After all, they've never seen a dog with a luminous metallic coat before. Sierra replies by telling Echo's admirers that she is a galaxy shade of Great Dane and is the product of selective breeding.

This is, of course, completely untrue.

Sierra is a dog groomer, and she is behind Echo's colourful new look. Using vegetable dye that's pet-friendly, Sierra likes to transform Echo's coat with different colours.

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Gentle giant

Sierra has been dying Echo's coat since the dog was six months old. However, it's her recent cosmic colours that are grabbing everyone's attention. The dog owner admits she rather enjoys pulling people's legs and letting them believe that Echo is a new breed of dog.

But Sierra doesn't just dye Echo's coat for fun. She's a big dog, weighing in at 130lbs, so Sierra hopes that adding some fun colours to her coat makes her look friendlier, especially to anyone nervous around large dogs.

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Echo is very happy to let Sierra get creative with her coat. She will sit happily for hours, letting her owner transform her look. While it's a lovely bonding session for Sierra and Echo, the dog also loves all the positive attention she gets. 

Check out these photos of Echo and her amazing new look:

What do you think of Echo's funky look?

Please don’t dye your pet's coat. Some dyes are toxic to animals and can lead to serious health consequences. However, if you decide to dye your pet's coat, please seek the help of a trusted professional and use pet-friendly products.