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Woman buys Dachsie at reduced rate, but breeder plays terrible trick on her

Dachshund close up dog-wow
© ivanovgood - Pixabay

When a dog lover buys a Dachshund at a reduced rate, she thinks nothing of letting the seller have the dog back for breeding. But it's a decision she will soon regret.

By Zoë Monk

Published on the 18/04/2021, 21:00

The Manhattan woman, Sydney Saltzman, bought the female Dachshund from Doreen Biasi, a Dachshund breeder, for $2,000. It was a bargain compared to the usual $6,000 Biasi would typically charge. 

However, the discount came with a catch. Biasi would keep breeding rights for five years.

New canine companion

Saltzman was happy with the arrangement and was delighted to welcome her new four-legged friend, named Orly, into her home. Then, a few months later, Saltzman thought nothing of handing over the pup to Biasi for breeding, as per their agreement.

But Saltzman was left shocked when Biasi refused to hand back the pup. Biasi alleges that Saltzman had broken the terms of their agreement and would not return Orly to her.

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Violation of contract

In a Facebook post, Biasi claims that Saltzman violated their contract and was not caring for Orly properly, with the dog showing signs of neglect.


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Posted by Akc Dachshund Ny on Wednesday, March 17, 2021

Saltzman hotly disputes this, claiming that she diligently took on the pup's health and discipline responsibilities from the moment she brought Orly home. In a lawsuit against the breeder, Saltzman claims she was tricked into returning the dog under the guise of needing the pup for breeding. However, the dog was sold to someone else for profit. Saltzman is suing Biasi for $35,000, citing breach of contract, intentional infliction of emotional distress and unjust enrichment. 

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It's now up to a Manhattan court to decide on who is in the right.