The Queen turns to her furry friends to help manage the grief of tragic loss

The Queen with her Corgis dog-sad
© The Queen's Corgis - Instagram

Sources close to the Royal Family say the Queen will use her two new Corgis to help her manage the grief following her husband Prince Phillip's death last week.

By Ashley Murphy

Published on the 12/04/2021, 19:00, Updated on the 04/06/2021, 15:44

The Queen was married to Prince Philip for 73 years before he passed away at Windsor Castle last Friday morning. The palace didn't announce how he died, although the Duke of Edinburgh had spent much of the previous few months in hospital.

The Royal Family has gathered for the funeral and is showing its love and support for the Queen. And according to royal insiders, there's a special pair of furry new arrivals who've rarely left the Queen's side since the tragic news.

The furry new arrivals

Their names are Fergus and Muick! The cute Corgis joined the royal household during lockdown to keep the Queen company while Prince Phillip was in the hospital.

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Fergus gets his name from Fergus Bowes-Lyon, the Queen's uncle who died during the First World War. Muick is named after a large lake on the Queen's Balmoral estate.

Some were surprised when the Queen decided to adopt two more of her favourite breed. She promised never to get another dog after her beloved Corgis Candy and Vulcan died last year. The Queen said she was getting too old to take care of new dogs and thought they could be a trip hazard.

The Queen fell in love with Fergus and Muick!

But the Queen instantly took to Fergus and Muick when they were given to her as a gift during lockdown. And fans of the royal family are happy to see Corgis back in the palace. 

"Corgis are hugely important to the Queen. It would be unthinkable for her not to have any," said Royal biographer Penny Junor. "The new puppies are adorable. They have over this year been closer to her than any human being. The Corgis are intensely loyal and loving!"

It's good to know that the Queen is such good paws during this challenging time.