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Family moves into house and is shocked to find what former owners left behind

House on keyring cat-wow
© Tierra Mallorca - Unsplash

A new homeowner was utterly stunned to find what the previous occupants had left behind. They now faced a desperate rescue mission before time ran out.

By Zoë Monk

Published on the 14/04/2021, 20:00

It's not uncommon for people to leave a few things behind when they move house.

But you don't expect the previous occupants to leave a member of the family behind deliberately. 

Surprise discovery!

As the new owner settled into their new home, they soon discovered that the house came with a surprise. When the previous occupants had moved out, they decided to leave one member of the family behind - a female ginger cat. The poor cat was understandably confused. She was not only all alone in the world without a home or a family, but she was also a few weeks pregnant.

Fortunately, the house's new owner took swift action and brought the one-year-old feline to a local cat shelter, Salem Friends of Felines, in Oregon, US.

Shelter staff wanted to find a safe and comfortable place for the cat to have her kittens and got in touch with one of their foster volunteers, Kayla, who was more than happy to help. The shelter staff told Kayla all about the feline mum-to-be, describing her as a sweet and gentle cat. But on meeting the cat, Kayla was taken aback by just how sweet she was.

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Now called Nakoma, the cat was a little shy when she first arrived at Kayla's house. But soon, curiosity got the better of her, and Nakoma was keen to explore her new abode. Once Nakoma was happy that it was a safe place, she relaxed, purring as she kneaded away on her new comfy bed.

Pawfect mum

Two weeks later, with Kayla's help, Nakoma delivered her litter of six kittens, five of which survived. There are four ginger kittens, called Davey, Tommy Boy, Willie and Buttons and one little white kitten called Smalls. Each kitten gets their name from the Broadway musical Newsies.

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Nakoma immediately took to motherhood. She eagerly nursed her kittens to the sound of her loud purrs. It was as if Nakoma knew her little family would be just fine. Kayla has been so impressed with Nakoma's devotion to her kittens. She's always talking to them, reassuring them, and making sure they are always clean and fed. 

While her babies are thriving, Nakoma has also come out of her shell a little more and wants a lot more attention from Kayla. Thanks to strangers' kindness, Nakoma and her little family can look forward to a purrfect future.