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Samoyeds: 5 smiling Sammies you should be following right now

White Samoyed facing camera dog-happy
© DantasticImages - Pixabay

A fan of the stunning Samoyed? It's not surprising with their huge smiles and big fluffy coats. Get some extra canine love in your life with these five super Samoyeds.

By Zoë Monk

Published on the 10/04/2021, 21:00

Their fabulous fluffy coats, friendly personalities and big warm smiles make Samoyeds a favourite with dog lovers. That's why it's easy to find plenty of Samoyed love online. 

Check out these five fluffy pups for your daily dose of canine love.

1. This Samoyed's puppy dog eyes

This eight-year-old Samoyed, called Harley, has pawfected his puppy dog eyes and knows how to wrap the world around his little paw. How can anyone say no to this face?


A post shared by Harley🐻 (@samoyedharley)

2. If clouds were dogs, they'd be Boomer the Samoyed

Boomer is 'spreading happiness like peanut butter' according to his Instagram bio, and we can see why with this clip. The bigger he gets, the more fluffy and adorable he becomes.

3. Riina the Samoyed polar bear

What do you get if you cross a Samoyed with a polar bear? Riina, of course. This adorable fluffball from Switzerland enjoys nothing more than a romp in the snow.

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4. These Samoyeds are the fluffiest big brother and sister

Samoyeds are lovely family pets, and you only need to look at Molly and Luca's photos to see why. These two big gentle fluffballs make perfect fluffy pillows for their new little human sister.

5. Is it a cloud blowing in the wind? No, it's Simba the Samoyed running on a beach

Simba lives in Sydney, Australia, and when this loveable ball of fluff isn't busy posing for photos, hanging out on the beach or playing with their four-legged friends, this Samoyed raises money to help end cruelty against dogs. What's not to love?!

So there you have it, five Samoyeds to set you up for the day. Which one is your favourite?

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