Dog's unexpected reaction to own fart will have you laughing out loud!

White German Shepherd dog-happy © Kayla Eggers - Youtube

Once you've seen this video, you will be able to rest your mind knowing it's perfectly acceptable to blame the dog for your farts.

By Emilie Heyl

Published on the , Updated on the

It’s that time of the day again - the pièce de résistance to your internet browsing…

BEHOLD: a seven-month-old white German Shepherd named Lucy looking confused by one of her own farts. I know what you’re thinking: this is high-art. Poetry, if you will! But hey, I’m merely the messenger conveying this beautiful piece of theatrical performance art.

The look on the dog's face says it all

As a dog owner, admit it... when you get a fart out, you tend to blame your dog. Easy target right, as your pooch isn't able to defend itself. Well, in this video you are about to watch, it's very clear who the culprit is and for once it's not the human, but it is the dog!  

Look at this gorgeous white German Shepherd puppy, doesn't she look innocent? Well, once this beautiful white pup squeaks out a fart, you can see the puzzling look on her face as she hesitates before having a sniffle of her own brand.

Lucy, you are one grim dog, but others would simply see it as fact-checking.

Watch below, and tell us if Lucy’s toot had you laughing. We secretly burst out laughing...

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