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Senior male cat meets rescue kittens: What happens next surprises everyone

Three black kittens look to camera cat-happy
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Cats aren’t pack creatures. In fact, with a few exceptions, most cats prefer to live, hunt and relax alone. That’s why this cat’s actions are so unexpected and so sweet…

By Natasha James

Published on the 12/04/2021, 18:00

When rescue kittens are brought into an Indianapolis rescue centre, shelter workers take it upon themselves to provide foster homes.

Raising puppies and kittens in a regular home rather than a shelter is a great way to socialise them before they go to their forever families.

So when six abandoned cats were discovered, shelter worker Jennifer offered to take three of the little black kittens home. A home that she shares with senior cat, Bear.

Papa Bear

Bear has lived with Jennifer since his own rescue some years ago and has taken it upon himself to be a foster dad to every foster cat that Jennifer brings home.

To begin with, the cats met through the panels of a playpen. Bear was immediately taken with the kitties but the kittens were a little unsure.

But, while they hissed and arched their backs, they also watched him closely and “followed” him despite being separated by a barrier.

Best of friends

Pretty quickly the kittens realised that Bear was a friend not a foe and the foursome became inseparable.

Now, the kittens run to Bear when he enters the room and love playing with and snuggling up to their beloved Papa Bear. 

Bear even washes their faces like a mama cat and, according to owner Jennifer, the kittens are,

"All purrs when he is around."

Watch an adorable video of Papa Bear with his kittens here: